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Titrate to a minimum use for the lowest possible cost.
Then add 5ml of 25% sulfuric acid and titrate with .
5 mg twice a day and titrate to a maximal dose of 12 mg/day, in two divided doses taken with breakfast and dinner.
System gives physicians the flexibility to titrate between once-daily and twice-daily applications of the serum gel according to the sensitivity of an individual's skin while achieving a similar dramatic reduction in acne lesions in as quickly as two weeks.
Among 181 nurses surveyed at three urban Midwestern medical centers, 65% reported being confident in their ability to titrate a continuous opioid infusion to manage a dying patient's symptoms.
Regado's technology is designed to give physicians the ability to directly control and titrate each system's therapeutic effect providing a safe and unique approach to personalized medicine.
Exploratory analyses suggest that the inability to dose titrate was a limiting issue that muted the overall treatment effect.
Further, the results indicate that clinicians can transition patients to insulin therapy often with a single, daily dose and then titrate treatment as a patient's diabetes progresses without having to alter therapy.
These products will enable clinicians to effectively titrate therapy to clear clinical endpoints and ultimately provide closed-loop control leading to cost effective care and better patient outcomes.
We know that we need combination therapy to get patients to their goal blood pressure, but in practice [physicians in the United States] are very reluctant to titrate multiple drugs," said Dr.