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In chemistry, the solution that is added (titrated with) in a titration.
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The same step motor function controls the syringe delivery of the titrant, and there are similar functions to setup date, time, etc.
01 x (ml titrant for sample - ml titrant for blank) x molarity of acid x 100/Weight of sample
The titration was carried out using silver nitrate as the titrant and a rotating platinum-wire electrode.
However, despite its usefulness, KFT has some limitations, including issues involving the specificity of solvent and titrant samples.
If it is a new burette, the titrator will ask which titrant is being used and its nominal strength.
2] is the averaged blanks, and N is the normality of the basic titrant.
32) France-Football du 27 octobre 1959 recense 17 ressortissants d'Afrique occidentale dans les principaux clubs metropolitains, titrant "le football francais: celui de la communaute".
At the beginning and conclusion of each trial, a zero reading was confirmed for the YSI electrode in DI water sparged with nitrogen (DO undetectable), and once per day DO concentrations were measured by the Azide Modification of the Winkler procedure (Standard Methods 1995) using commercial reagents, standards and titrant (Hach Chemical, Loveland, CO) and a motorized burette (Dosimat 665, Metrohm Ltd.
Szorad-Rusz J, Halasz A (1977) Thermometric titrations with hypobromite as titrant solution I.
Though it's not our purpose to give detailed instructions, it is worth noting that scientists have devised several ways of determining the endpoint of charge titrations--that is, when the system has been rendered "neutral" by the addition of an oppositely charged titrant polymer.
Quant a l'hebdomadaire Le Vif/L'Express, il parodie Henri IV en titrant "Wezembeek vaut bien une messe" (3 janvier 2003).
when a titrant has expired or needs restandardisation