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In chemistry, the solution that is added (titrated with) in a titration.
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Potentiometric titration curves of blank (red) (solvent mixture: toluene/isopropanol/water) and of sample A2 (black) according to ASTM D664 modified method with 0.1 mol [L.sup.-1] KOH titrant solution.
The same step motor function controls the syringe delivery of the titrant, and there are similar functions to setup date, time, etc.
The EDTA solution which was used as the titrant was prepared by dissolving approximately 500.0 mg sodium hydroxide pellets, 50.0 mg magnesium chloride hexahydrate, and 1.0000 g solid disodium salt of ethylenediaminetetraacetate in 100.00 ml of carbon dioxide-free distilled water.
V--the volume of the titrant used for titration, [cm.sup.3];
Peroxide (meq/kg) = ml of titrant (sample - blanko) x N [Na.sub.2][C.sub.2][O.sub.3] x 1000/grams of sample
Following each addition of the titrant the pH of the suspension was recorded every two minutes till it reaches the pH value of 10.5.
En effet, parmi les 34 articles du site du journal Liberation (8), titrant sur les Roms de janvier a avril 2014, une moitie mentionne la Roumanie et/ou la Bulgarie comme origine de ces populations et l'autre ne precise pas de nationalite.
It was carried out in pyridine solution against standard sodium methoxide in pyridine solution as titrant. The number average molecular weight of each sample was calculated according to method reported in the literature [22].
The pH change was monitored after single dose of titrant, when the record stabilization was achieved.
Respective potentials were tested using NaCl titrant (25[degrees]C, 100 mmol/L, pH = 7) on Malvern Instruments Zesasizer 2000.