titanium mesh

titanium mesh,

n a woven net made of flexible titanium that is used during placement of bone grafts in order to ensure a predetermined volume of bone regeneration.
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The market is also expected to gain penetration owing to, the growing geriatric population prone to osteoporosis and increasing adoption rates of premium products such as titanium mesh for CMF surgery.
The team used a 3D printer to create a titanium mesh scaffold for the ear, which was then seeded with sheep cartilage cells.
In the past we used clinical titanium mesh, but with the growth of bone, titanium mesh could easily stick into the bone and cause collapse," said Liu.
There is no point in having the ultimate Vantage model if people can't tell that it's an S from the pavement, so the car has a new black grille with carbon fibre vanes and the option of either carbon fibre or titanium mesh.
The same photo-etching technology used to make an ornament, he said, is employed to make titanium mesh used in reconstructive surgery on broken jaws or eye sockets or fractured skulls.
The patient then underwent a wide resection of the mass, followed by cranioplasty using a titanium mesh.
Currently, the titanium mesh cage is a common option for vertebral body replacement hardware after anterior decompression and corpectomy.
Instead, a surgeon utilized titanium mesh to successfully mend the defect in Simmons' skull.
Titanium mesh repair of the severely comminuted frontal sinus fracture.
A titanium mesh plate now covers an area where Stegge's skull was crushed.
Surgical repair of his fractures was accomplished with titanium plates and titanium mesh (figure 1, B and D).
In large defects such as presented above, titanium mesh must be two-directionally bent to mimic the anatomical shape.