titanium dioxide

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a chemical element, atomic number 22, atomic weight 47.90, symbol Ti. (See Appendix 6.)
titanium dioxide a white powder used in ointment or lotion as a sunscreen.
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ti·ta·ni·um di·ox·ide

TiO2; contains not less than 99.0% and not more than 100.5% of TiO2, calculated on the dry basis; used in creams and powders as a protectant against external irritations and solar rays.
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ti·ta·ni·um di·ox·ide

(tī-tānē-ŭm dī-oksīd)
Agent used in creams and powders as a protectant against external irritations and solar rays.
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ti·ta·ni·um di·ox·ide

(tī-tānē-ŭm dī-oksīd)
Agent used in creams and powders to protect against external irritations and sun rays.
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"This study investigated effects of titanium dioxide on gut health in mice and found that titanium dioxide did not change the composition of gut microbiota, but instead it affected bacteria activity and promoted their growth in a form of undesired biofilm.
Chapter 1 provides a presentation and analysis of the global market for titanium dioxide - including forecasts up to 2023.
Titanium dioxide nanotubes have been produced by eliminating autoclave device and by reducing pressure and temperature.
The titanium dioxide it makes can be found in products worldwide including decorative paints, industrial coatings for bridges, ocean liners, cars and construction materials, cosmetics, printed circuit boards and even food.
"We are excited about this positive development for nano grades of titanium dioxide," said Aline Hueber, global marketing manager, sun care at DSM." We are pleased to see that its tangible benefits over conventional titanium dioxide, for both consumers and customers, are confirmed by the growth of the product over recent years.
Huntsman operates globally in the chemicals sector, manufacturing a wide range of speciality and intermediate chemicals, including titanium dioxide. Rockwood is also active worldwide in chemicals, among others in the markets for titanium dioxide and functional additives under the Sachtleben name.
In this paper, the density functional theory plane-wave ultrasoft pseudopotentials method within the first-principles framework has been applied to investigating the electronic structure and optical performance of different ions doping models, including nitrogen and/or nickel doping rutile titanium dioxide. The corresponding properties of pure rutile titanium dioxide are also calculated as a reference.
Other topics include a first-principles study of oxygen deficiency in rutile titanium dioxide, fabricating three-dimensionally ordered macroporous and mesoporous titania monoliths by a dual-templating approach, the ellipsometric characterization of thin nanocomposite films with tunable refractive index for biochemical sensors, rational designs with nanocomposites based on titanium dioxide for solar photocatalytic purification, and high efficiency front-illuminated nanotube-based dye-sensitive solar cells.
"PPG and Argex plan to combine efforts with the goal of developing a titanium dioxide product that can meet conventional standards for interior and exterior paint applications," said Charles F.
PPG announces plans for TiO2 During PPG Industries' capital markets meeting recently with financial analysts and investors in New York, PPG chief technology officer Charles F Kahle II announced that the company has undertaken a strategic initiative with multiple global suppliers to secure and enhance PPG's supply of titanium dioxide (TiO2), as well as add to the global supply of the raw material.
The white film coating opacity is typically derived from the use of titanium dioxide because titanium dioxide, in its powdered form, provides the whitest and most highly opaque film with high refractive indices of greater than 2.5 nD20.