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Relating or pertaining to a tissue.
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SUN CARE: Tissular protection, Calming/Soothing DNA protection active ingredients, Pigmenting .
The clinical trial will evaluate the safety and effect of Aastrom's TRCs in the regeneration of peripheral vascular tissue to treat lower limb ischemia in diabetic patients -- Aastrom and the Institut de Terapia Regenerativa Tissular announced the initiation of patient enrollment in a pilot clinical trial with Instituto de Cirugia Maxilofacial e Implantologia in Barcelona, Spain to determine the safety and effect of Aastrom's proprietary TRCs in maxillary sinus lift bone graft procedures necessary for dental implants * New management appointment - Aastrom appointed Gunter Rosskamp, Ph.
NasdaqSC: ASTM) and the Institut de Terapia Regenerativa Tissular (ITRT) announced today that their clinical trial in Barcelona, Spain will be expanded based on initial results from the first phase of patient treatments.
26) In this respect, we described the role played by monocytes/macrophages in preparing the extracellular matrix bed for the development of new capillaries and/or for tissular insemination of circulating precursor endothelial cells.
SUN CARE: Tissular protection, Calming/Soothing, DNA protection active ingredients, Pigmenting.
We believe that the tumor described in this report and those labeled granular cell traumatic neuroma by Rosso et al are really the same lesion, with the difference that in this patient the persistent tissular injury in the vicinity of lithiasis played the role of a causal, causative, or promoting factor for the development of the tumor, in a similar way, for example, that Morton neuroma is a mechanically induced lesion that affects women who frequently wear shoes that are not designed for the physiology of the foot.