tissue valve

tis·sue valve

a prosthetic cardiac valve derived from the pig heart, bovine pericardium, or other biologic source.
See also: prosthesis.
Synonym(s): biologic valve
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This is quite remarkable and supports transcatheter aortic valve-in-valve replacement with the SAPIEN XT valve as a safe therapeutic alternative to reoperation for patients in need of a subsequent tissue valve replacement.
A tissue valve is less durable, and so typically requires replacement sooner than does a mechanical valve.
Either you choose a long-lasting mechanical valve that condemns you to a life of dangerous blood thinners and a sedentary lifestyle, or you choose a tissue valve that requires major replacement surgery as often as every 15 years.
London, March 18 (ANI): Butcher Greg Hull would have never guessed a pig would save his heart some day but that is exactly what has happened - he underwent five hours of open-heart surgery to insert a new tissue valve from a pig.
that is developing a percutaneous aortic tissue valve prosthesis, and is an inventor on four issued and three pending U.
In these specific cases, the patients are given the option of a temporary tissue valve replacement to be substituted with a mechanical one later on in life," says Dr Meherwal.
First performed successfully in 1960, surgical replacement of diseased human heart valves by mechanical and tissue valve substitutes is now commonplace and enhances survival and quality of life for many patients.
has received Communaute Europeenne (CE) Mark approval for its next-generation stentless tissue valve, the Toronto Root bioprosthesis, and will begin a limited European market launch.
Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for use in combination with an aortic tissue valve.
Mechanical valves are preferred over tissue valve as they are made from biocompatible material and are durable with long term flexibility.
Paul MN) received clearance to sell its Epic stented tissue valve with Linx AC technology to prevent calcification, or hardening, of nearby tissue.
The Mosaic valve joins Medtronic's other heart valve products which include the Hancock II tissue valve, the Hancock Modified Orifice and Standard valves, the stentless Freestyle tissue valve, the Medtronic mechanical valve and the group of Duran flexible annuloplasty rings and bands, used in the surgical repair of natural valves.

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