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Present at the press conference were Ministry of Environment's Biotechnology expert Dr Khaled El Mabrouk Suliman Elmeer, Tissue Culture Laboratory head Kamla Ibrahim al-Romaihi, researcher Sara al-Hammadi, SHT Strategic Planning director Dr Susie Perera De Silva and Business Development manager Sumedha De Silva.
The present and future utility of plant tissue culture is closely linked to success in regenerating whole plants from cultured plant materials, but regeneration is possible in some but not all species.
Tissue culture flasks were refed with growth medium after 30 minutes and reincubated at 37degC till a good cytopathic effect (CPE) of the virus was obtained.
By the 1990s with the rising cost of labor and the emergence onto the world stage of overseas cheap labor in India, SE asia and now China the tissue culture industry moved over seas as it was unprofitable to do much in tissue culture in the US and Europe unless you are doing niche products.
In addition, improvements in tissue culture and transformation methods, especially designed for recalcitrant species, are being aggressively pursued by academic, federal and industrial laboratories, and their success should greatly facilitate the development and introduction of additional rubber-producing crops, such as sunflower.
Lab researchers found tissue culture expands the possibility of studying corn, soybeans, and other crops.
The basic constituents of plant tissue culture media are described along with some detail as to their functions and uses, and tips in preparation.
Using a 3-dimensional tissue culture model of head and neck mucosa, researchers at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill found that adenoviruses are able to infect only the most undifferentiated cell layers.
As more and more companies have entered the flower business, Celtis Labs has diversified from flower production into tissue culture, a technology where one flower is cloned into thousands.
Elmstrom have devised a tissue culture process that will cut seven to 10 years off the time it takes to develop a new variety of seedless watermelon.
They're working on a new type of orchard that is based on tissue culture propagated trees that are dwarfed by new methods.