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Relating or pertaining to a tissue.
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Level of ABL to tissual antigen of the lungs before treatment was 3 times higher the norm (14.
Thus, results of our immunologic investigations exhibited a pronounced reliable positive dynamics of indices of cellular and humoral links of immune status in COPD patients against the background of ST: an increase in concentration of subpopulations of all the studied lymphocytes, correlation of subpopulations C[DELTA]4+ and C[DELTA]8+ lymphocytes, reduction of an increased level of ABL to tissual antigen of the lungs, growth of PhA, quantities of B-lymphocytes and content of immunoglobulins G, A, M, as well as further activation and fixation of immune response.
These implants offer optimum tissual integration within the body and a knitting technique that structures their texture to ensure the porosity essential to rapid tissual growth.