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tipi (tēˑ·pē),

n Latin name:
Petiveria alliacea; parts used: whole plant, root; uses: treatment of osteoarthritis and other rheumatic conditions. Also used as antifungal, antispasmodic, antipyretic, immunostimulant, sedative, abortifacient; precautions: pregnancy; individuals with hemophilia, diabetes, and hypoglycemia. Also called
anamu, apacin, huevo de gato, and
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The women of this camp have clearly been busy sewing new tipi covers, and most of those visible are markedly white.
Christmas-themed stalls, bars and eateries, live music and choirs and warming fire pits form part of the plans, which could see the tipi return in October.
Visitors can check out the city's stunning skyline while staying in luxury tipi tents on the Shankly Hotel rooftop.
Eco Retreats, Powys With a name like Eco Retreats, its easy to see why the team that help to run the tipi and yurt holidays in this beautiful part of Mid Wales are committed to the principles of minimum impact and a sustainable way of life.
Each tipi comes supplied with cooking equipment and running water, although there is no power supply other than solar lighting.
It's at this idyllic spot, perched on the western shores of the northern tip of Lake Windermere, not far from Ambleside, that one half of 4 Winds Lakeland Tipis is based, with the other just shy of 10 miles away at Hoathwaite, near Torver.
In Many Swans tipi, most of the men had not come back from hunting but both The Sun and Bear Child had returned that night, having enough meat.
A complete line of rustic dog products is offered including canvas and denim tipis, ponchos, blankets, and military chic accessories.
The image of this creature offered a fitting introduction to the show, for the buffalo hide was the principal material for the coverings of the original tipis.
Accommodation is made up of five tipis (each sleeping up to five) and one yurt (sleeping up to six), set among meadows and mature oak woods.
Tipis, complete with groundsheet and raincatcher, along with free use of the solar showers and discounted access to the yurt sauna, can also be hired at the Festival site for lodging for additional cost.
Tipis were built to shelter their inhabitants from the fluctuating elements of the open plains, so were warm in winter and cool in summer.