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tipi (tēˑ·pē),

n Latin name:
Petiveria alliacea; parts used: whole plant, root; uses: treatment of osteoarthritis and other rheumatic conditions. Also used as antifungal, antispasmodic, antipyretic, immunostimulant, sedative, abortifacient; precautions: pregnancy; individuals with hemophilia, diabetes, and hypoglycemia. Also called
anamu, apacin, huevo de gato, and
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The pointed peaks of tipis begin to poke above the hedgerows as we round a corner into the National Trust's Low Wray campsite, and soon we can see a cluster of colourful canopies nestled in the hilly countryside.
The Sun, who had fallen down, shouted to his wife, "Carry me to the back of my tipi.
Thanksgiving came, and with it a promise to myself to ignore my "inner voice" and stay in the Tipi Condo-no moving around to other blinds, the Kovar's sanctuary, or stalking.
Much more than a guide to building and living in a tipi, though it is certainly that, Warren's book is a guide to all that is essential in a life well-lived -- good companionship, pleasure in simple things, the deep, soul-filling joy of being alive and connected with the natural world, and the earthy, physical confidence that comes with knowing that one is capable of meeting one's own needs.
Directly opposite the Kiowa model tipi was the largest item in the exhibit, a 27-foot-tall canvas tipi (Fig.
Sleeping between two and 12 people, each tipi is filled with Turkish rugs, lanterns and comfy bed mats, with its own camp stove and cool box.
What tipis were to Native American tribes, yurts were (and are) to the nomadic herders of Mongolia.
Made of cotton muslin and measuring 407 x 200 cm (159 x 78 inches), the ROM's tipi liner, unlike some examples, appears to display the deeds of a single individual, painted by one draftsman.
Not surprisingly, a lot of CSA members are Tipi Knife owners and the constant migration between the firing line and Bill Snow's tailgate is ample demonstration of the power of his craft to fire the imagination.
95) blends traditional insights into tipi construction and development with a retelling of old-timers stories and a blending in of art to make for a fine survey of construction techniques, decorations, cultural meaning, and more.
Other chapters cover sweat lodges, painted tipis, and building a tipi.