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Div.; Soiltest, Inc.; The Tintometer Co.; and Western Water Management, Inc.
Tintometer's permanent glass colour standards can be applied to a wide variety of applications in quality control.
Measurements are made by viewing the 3 fields and rotating the discs alternately until the best colour match to the sample is obtained say Tintometer of The Colour Laboratory, Waterloo Road, Salisbury, Wilts, tel:0722 327242.
The PFX-990 is the latest automatic microprocessor-controlled colorimeter from The Tintometer Ltd of The Colour Laboratory, Waterloo Road, Salisbury, Wiltshire, tel:0722 327242.
The Tintometer Ltd have developed a microprocessor-controlled colour measuring instrument for determining the colour of clear liquids and translucent solids.
The Tintometer Ltd, makers of Lovibond instruments, have brought out a range of on-line instrumentation for turbidity measurement.
COLOUR MEASUREMENT The Tintometer Ltd, Waterloo Road, Salisbury, Wilts SP1 2JY.
Tintometer Ltd,, The Colour Laboratory, Salisbury UK
Bryn Mawr Rosemont, IL 60018 Tel: 847-678-4300 Fax: 847-678-4313 Toll Free: 800-369-2782 Carltex Inc., Centerport, NY Eurotherm Chessell, San Diego, CA M-Tek, Pittsburgh, PA Newport Electronics, Inc., Santa Ana, CA COLORIMETERS Artel, Westbrook, ME Bel-Art Products, Pequannock, NJ Labsphere, Inc., North Sutton, NH McMahan Research Laboratories, Chapel Hill, NC The Tintometer Ltd., The Colour Laboratory, Wiltshire UK CONDUCTIVITY INSTRUMENTS APV Americas 9525 W.