tinea nigra

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tin·e·a ni'g·ra

a fungus infection due to Exophiala werneckii, marked by dark lesions giving a spattered appearance and occurring most commonly on the palms of the hands.
Synonym(s): pityriasis nigra

tinea nigra

an uncommon superficial fungal infection caused by Malassezia furfur or werneckii, formerly classified as Exophiala werneckii, characterized by dark lesions on the skin of the hands or occasionally other areas. Also called pityriasis nigra.
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Tinea nigra

tinea nigra

An asymptomatic superficial fungal infection that affects the skin of the palms. Caused by Hortaea werneckii, it is characterized by deeply pigmented, macular, nonscaly patches.
Synonym: pityriasis nigra
See also: tinea


ringworm; a name applied to many different kinds of fungal infection of the skin, the specific type (depending on characteristic appearance, etiological agent and site) usually being designated by a modifying term. Often used in humans but uncommonly in animals.

tinea nigra
superficial phaeohyphomycosis.
tinea versicolor
a skin disease of humans in which infection by Malassezia furfur (Pityrosporum orbiculare) causes skin lesions which differ in color from surrounding, noninfected skin. A similar disease has been described on the udder of goats.