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adj in Chinese medicine, pertaining to inadequate energy needed to face and overcome obstacles.
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In Toontown, we got our first lesson in how mercurial young kids can be, switching from boldness to timidness in the blink of an eye, with a healthy dose of stubbornness thrown in for good measure.
Alsana is a woman who, despite her timidness in life, looks at things "dead straight between the eyes; an unflinching and honest stare, a meticulous inspection that would go beyond the heart of the matter to the marrow, beyond the marrow to the root--but the question is how far back do you want?
Either out of timidness, or for the sake of peace and quiet, or because of baseless scruples about having to emphasize a temporal distance from the text, or simply out of habit, the average translator betrays the original text by making the mistake of unnecessarily raising its language to a stately literary niveau, even when the language of the original text is colloquial.
Is the traditional timidness of Pakistani women a cause or a result of her low status?
The results -- from a group of hospital directors not noted for timidness in judging performance -- were outstanding.