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adj infinite, enduring, endless.
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Amid the inevitability of change, still find a touch of timelessness.
Unlike the logicized, formal timelessness of the patron's time, this time is dynamic in the full etymological sense of the term.
The visitors' rare sense of timelessness will not be shattered with cars, dustbin lorries and wandering Hunting Lodge guests.
It was very important to the client to convey a visual statement of their vigor and technical prowess, while at the same time a sense of timelessness and durability.
With the introduction of Cafe Sepia, whose name derives from a set of sepia-toned photographs that evoke a sense of timelessness and luxury, the company extends its award-winning lineup of beverages, while also continuing their tradition of innovative packaging and product development.
When a church focuses on man's interpretation of Christ rather than on timelessness in the message, "social movements" versus society as a whole, there is a consequent absence--the absence of the rest of us.
I try to capture in my work a sense not only of timelessness, but of grace, to convey an observance of order out of the usual chaos of visual forms, to be a patient and ardent observer and participant in what I see," Golding says.
We hope the timelessness of her diary inspires you to check out our online earthquake guide for 2006.
Welch notes the timelessness of the story's themes: "Everyone at some point in their lives has loved someone more than they were loved back.
Loosely based on Shakespeare's Twelfth Night, the novel was described by judges as a "superbly constructed, magical story that brilliantly contrasts the timelessness of romance with the grittiness of reality".
And while much of the work is derived from the physical upheaval of such contemporary local events as Boston's "Big Dig" (an ambitious program of highway, bridge, and tunnel construction) and the 2004 Democratic National Convention, it maintains an eerie timelessness and sense of impending doom.
Walt Disney Studios chairman Dick Cook, who presented the award to Andrews, said, ``Her pictures have the kind of timelessness that DVDs were made for.