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adj infinite, enduring, endless.
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Good innovators know when something is going to fail the timelessness test.
Snow was also crucial to establishing timelessness, and the crew hoped their Boston locations would be blessed with some powder.
They previously starred in 2011's Crazy Stupid Love and Chazelle has promised his musical is set in the real city but with an element of timelessness and romance.
Nominees for the award also needed to acknowledge innovation, timelessness, aesthetic significance and eco-friendliness within the their entire body of work.
According to Sehdev, a style icon encompasses five attributes: 1) a definitive sense of style, 2) a sense of confidence, 3) a certain timelessness that can keep modern, 4) a fierce independence, and 5) a dose of provocativeness.
There is also timelessness to the story: it is about war and the brutality of war and the effects on the human spirit.
Sometimes contradictory, often humorous, these photographs taken using medium format film evoke a timelessness while capturing a growing modern movement.
To her, nature means freedom, withdrawal and timelessness.
Directed masterfully by Martin Duncan, it's a version that keeps the timelessness of Coward's humour about the highs and lows of marriage.
Seeger's songs have timelessness, too; they were straightforward and hopeful -- that's part of what made them "folk'' -- and either soothe or inspire listeners today as they did way back when.
Set in the 1920s, there are few actual details of the decade so there is a sense of timelessness to the story.
The most beautiful aspect of art is its timelessness.