timed specimen

timed spec·i·men

(tīmd spes'i-mĕn)
A biologic specimen obtained at a certain time of day or at a certain interval after another event. Used to monitor drug therapy, blood glucose levels, and other laboratory tests.
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(1) Normal albuminuria was defined in all included studies as an albumin excretion rate of <30 mg/d on a timed specimen confirmed with 3 serial measurements.
This includes removing timed specimen extraction steps, mixing steps when not required, and keeping the number of pipetting steps to a minimum.
This analysis highlights the importance of collecting appropriately timed specimens for serologic confirmation and use of molecular diagnostic tests.
The 2.5-fold dilution protocol will extend the upper limit of the AMR to 3750 [micro]g/L, which should meet the needs of the C2 and other timed specimens.
The assistant chief technologist in the lab of a large, proprietary hospital in Florida would further improve turnaround time by "purchasing highspeed, bidirectional, random access analyzers and limiting the number of Stats and timed specimens to those analyzers that are Stat- or timed-eligible."