time marker

time mark·'er

an instrument that marks the time, usually in seconds or fractions of seconds, on a kymograph record in physiologic experiments.
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He defended in another close fight against Lucien Bute in Canada then outpointed Rogelio Medina in a low key time marker in Washington DC last April.
At the same time, it also record how much radioactive carbon was in the air, giving scientists a time marker for all those meals.
For example, the root structure of a "frozen forest" in Rocky Mountain National Park provides a reliable time marker for past warming periods and proves that big trees once grew at high altitude.
The Choice of Viability as a Central Time Marker in Roe and Casey
The Bangalore lab is now accredited to calibrate instruments with the following parameters: AC/DC, resistance, capacitance, frequency, and oscilloscope amplitude, bandwidth, Time Marker, RF Power, attenuation, and VSWR.
Equation 1: Conversion of time marker to sample index.
At the time Marker took up his new assignment in late 1969, Ayub had resigned under severe political pressure and Yahya Khan had taken over.
Drivers take out their ministatement at the beginning, make the five-mile round trip, then withdraw a second statement which they use as a time marker to challenge other drivers.
With all respect to lovers of Conference football, Premier League snooker and the Horse of the Year Show, the first week in October is giving the impression of being no more than a time marker before the weekend's extravaganza of international football.
We set up simple experiments: for example, in order to determine the concentration at which consciousness was lost, we breathed halothane in air, gradually increasing concentrations until recall of a time marker was lost.