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A salt or ester of tiglic acid.
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Major volatiles of the flower were linalool (RT = 35.74%), a-farnesene (11.43%), trans-b-ocimene (10.17%) and z-3-hexenyl tiglate (9.68%), in which their total RT values accounted to 67.02% of the all volatiles.
Comparatively, five major volatile compounds of flower, linalool (RT = 35.74%), afarnesene (11.43%), trans-b-ocimene (10.17%), z-3-hexenyl tiglate (9.68%) and methyl tiglate (3.33%) were also found in culture of the ZZB08 but with lower concentrations than that in flower, in which their RT values were 5.28%, 3.54%, 2.33%, 2.15% and 0.86%, respectively.
They were identified as 5-hydroxymethyl-(2,2':5',2")-terthienyl tiglate, 5-hydroxymethyl-(2,2':5',2")-terthienyl agelate, 5-hydroxymethyl-(2,2,:5,,2")-terthienyl acetate, ecliptal, orobol, and wedelolactone.