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Loosen the screws, move the catch in or out, and tighten the screws. If the door doesn't close tightly, try again.
Then hold the wire or wires, one in each hole, while you tighten the screw. Tug on the wires when you're done to make sure they're securely connected.
Hold the object you're fastening firmly against the wall because the anchor will draw it only slightly tighter as you tighten the screw or nut.
Tighten the screw. Make sure the square protrusion on the bottom of the lever seats snugly into the groove of the pintle adapter of the weapon shield.
Drill a hole the same diameter as the shank, insert the anchor, and tighten the screw to expand it.
The meeting touched on the continued measures taken by Saudi-led aggression coalition and its mercenaries to tighten the screws on the national traders in the framework of the siege policy practiced by the aggression forces against all the Yemeni people.
On the other side of the hemisphere, the sight of a large orange ape-like character strutting about in Europe proclaiming he was really going to tighten the screws on his country by stopping all immigration, pulling out of Nato and ignoring signs of climate change shook me up, further contributing to the tension on my neck.
His wicket halted the rapid scoring rate and Bahawalpur bowlers tighten the screws and remaining wickets of Peshawar fell like house of cards.
Though in line with trends on debt issuance, this is not ideal if markets remain volatile, the economy slows markedly and the Fed continues to tighten the screws, raising the cost of debt servicing.
With the international outlets thinned out, the option available for looters are local banks such that if they also tighten the screws, then the corrupt networks will be badly exposed.
North Korea must understand that Congress is ready to step in to tighten the screws even if the President is not.
Erdogan said during his announcement of the electoral statement of the ruling Justice and Development Party in a speech to the General Conference of the party's branch in Istanbul (according to Anatolia) that Ankara will not hesitate to "tighten the screws on the terrorists" as long as they survive, especially in Syria and Iraq.