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Abbreviation for:
TGF-beta inhibitory element
Theatre in Education 
transient ischaemic episode
translation inhibitory element


see genital lock.

Patient discussion about tie

Q. can you get pregnant with your tubes tied if your tubes are tied can you get pregnant

A. you can but the chances are slim to none,plus if you do you can sue the doctors, 99% no,

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We intend to go to the far end of the golf practice ground and rehearse our putting, tieless, in silence, inviting calm into our minds, with no-one else in sight.
You do not have to look student-like by refusing to wear that otherwise indispensable piece of fabric, going tieless can be as expensive in appearance as having one.
He was an awfully nice man," she says, listing his personal idiosyncrasies as "shabby, knitting, nail-bitten, tieless, sometimes halting in speech and awkward of manner", a man famous for his gas masks and curious cycling habits.
local time Friday, when he emerged from Air Force One tieless and in khakis.
Afterwards, a tieless Salmond said: "These were gifts to me as Scotland's First Minister and so, on leaving office, I am delighted that the proceeds from this Christmas auction will now benefit three great Scottish charities.
Speaking to supporters and media outside the courthouse after the hour-long hearing, an unshaven and tieless Kerviel said he was disappointed but would keep fighting ahead of a final ruling by the tribunal, which could take months.
Tieless in a navy suit, hunched over one of his two iPhones, Sean Eldridge blended in effortlessly.
While the tie is her "trademark" [Macy], she does make public appearances without it; she is tieless in, for example, the photograph on the 2003 cover of The Prosaic Soul of Nikki Giovanni.
The DAMON SYSTEM uses light, continuous force wires with tieless brackets.
In contrast to the conservatively dressed board of directors, the bearded, tieless Dr.
Ascot has pledged to be more sensitive, but the message will get through eventually and those hot under their tieless collar will move on, probably to the next "outmoded" aspect of racing (which no doubt others will regard as one of its strengths).
Paul Allen wears a big beard in the old photo, Bill Gates looks like he's 15, Standing behind them are nine colleagues dressed in tieless plaid shirts or other informal attire in an era when Brooks Brothers suits signified business success, "Microsoft 1978," the caption says, adding, "Would you have invested?