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Abbreviation for:
TGF-beta inhibitory element
Theatre in Education 
transient ischaemic episode
translation inhibitory element

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Q. can you get pregnant with your tubes tied if your tubes are tied can you get pregnant

A. you can but the chances are slim to none,plus if you do you can sue the doctors, 99% no,

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The truck tie down retailer is also accessible at http://www.facebook.com/DCCargoMall and http://twitter.com/DCCargoMall, or via its blog at http://www.DCCargoMallBlog.com.
* Cam-buckle tie downs feature a spring-loaded or quick-release thumb button or gripper that bites into a strap to keep it secure.
When the crew arrived at the igloo where they were to store the items, they did all the safety checks they were supposed to do and then removed all the tie downs in preparation for downloading the trailer with a forklift.
In order to provide effective occupant restraint for a forward-facing wheelchair user, it is first important to effectively tie down a wheelchair, which can often weigh more than 150 to 200 pounds If only one child will be transported in a particular vehicle, "tie-down" hardware can be added to the wheelchair to allow it to automatically dock with a mechanism anchored to the vehicle floor.
Most motorists do not bother to tie down these items.
WORK is going on behind the scenes at Wrexham to tie down key members of manager Kevin Wilkin's squad to longer contracts.
With Real Madrid showing interest, Liverpool are keen to tie down the 18-year-old on a five-year deal.
JAMES FOWLER insists it's far more important for Kilmarnock to tie down manager Kenny Shiels than it is to sort out his own future.
Use this tie-down system (bungee cord) when you need to tie down a tent, vehicle tarp, tool box, fuel can or light loads.
The Saints have been trying to tie down the right candidate to help ease some of the pressure on Wigley, who was promoted from assistant coach himself after just two games of the new season.
TIE DOWN the load first with rubber straps, looping them under the rack on the far side, then hooking both ends on the near side.