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Abbreviation for:
TGF-beta inhibitory element
Theatre in Education 
transient ischaemic episode
translation inhibitory element


see genital lock.

Patient discussion about tie

Q. can you get pregnant with your tubes tied if your tubes are tied can you get pregnant

A. you can but the chances are slim to none,plus if you do you can sue the doctors, 99% no,

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For a hassle-free shopping experience, the truck tie down merchant offers low costs on shipping and guarantees a 30-day return window.
Many manufacturers of oxygen equipment also make devices to tie down those pieces of equipment in motor vehicles.
E-track is a way of securing tie down straps in van trailers, sprinter vans, and other enclosed and utility-style trailers.
Wilkin said: "We've had discussions behind the scenes about players who are doing well and who you would look to tie down and sorted for next year.
The metal rail that goes around the vent fan air intake looks like a good place to tie down gear.
25million a year ago and the Blues are keen to tie down his future.
TIE DOWN the load first with rubber straps, looping them under the rack on the far side, then hooking both ends on the near side.
Similarly, the track or plate parts of the tie down system must be bolted to the bus floor according to specifications.