tibial torsion

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the act of twisting; the state of being twisted. adj., adj tor´sive.
Testicular torsion. From Copstead and Banasik, 2000.
tibial torsion inward twisting of the tibia so that the foot turns inward.
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tib·i·al tor·sion

(tib'ē-ăl tōr'shŭn)
A congenital twisting of the tibia.
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For patients with severe flexion deformities or tibial torsion, the correct profile of the tibial plateau is difficult to judge.
Clifford R, Wheeless (2010) Internal Tibial Torsion [online] Available from: http://www.wheelessonline.com/ortho/internal_tibial_torsion [Accessed 5th March 2010]
A study (14) was conducted on 30 subjects to investigate the effect of excessive tibial torsion on flexible flat foot.
In-toeing is a more common finding and may be due to excessive anteversion of the hip or internal tibial torsion. The important task of the orthopaedic surgeon is to determine weather the patient has an underlying pathological condition such as a neurological disease that may cause torsion.
(1,5,9) However, the asymmetries described by Grossman and colleagues (5) were most evident in MRI-measured tibial torsion, which was not measured in our study.
Future research could measure tibial torsion and examine the relationship between it and range of hip external rotation, turnout, and lower limb injury.
Measurement of femoral antetorsion and tibial torsion by magnetic resonance imaging.
Tibial rotation is totally different to tibial torsion. Tibial Torsion is a twisting In the osseous structure of the tibial shaft.
* Twisting of thigh or lower leg (femoral anteversion or internal tibial torsion).
(1, 2, 5) Grossman and colleagues (4) define TTO as the sum of hip external rotation (HER), tibial torsion (TT; i.e., the slight external rotation of the tibia at the knee resulting from the normal twist in the shaft of the tibia along its longitudinal axis in a retroverted direction, which can produce a natural toe-out of the foot relative to the tibia), and contributions from the foot.
Measurement of femoral anteversion and tibial torsion by magnetic resonance imaging.
Total turnout is the sum of hip rotation, tibial torsion, and contributions from the foot.