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(thī'roy-dizm), Obsolete designation for:
1. Synonym(s): hyperthyroidism
2. Poisoning by overdoses of a thyroid extract.
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A disease caused by hyperactivity of the thyroid gland.
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Q. Anyone know if there is a connection between Fibromyalgia and your Thyroid gland? I have Fibromyalgia and I read that if your diagnosed with this you can have Thyroid problems also. If anyone knows out there please inform me. Many thanks.

A. Below is an interesting article on the subject. A significant percentage of the estimated 20 million people with hypothyroidism end up also being diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Some experts believe that like most cases of hypothyroidism, fibromyalgia is also autoimmune in nature. Others believe that fibromyalgia may be one manifestation of an under active metabolism – hypometabolism – and is therefore one variation on thyroid dysfunction.

Q. Is there any natural herb for a sluggish thyroid My uncle is suffering with thyroid for the past 8 months and the treatment he underwent is not successful. Is there any natural herb for a sluggish thyroid?

A. first of all the thyroid gland is situated in the front of the neck, just below the larynx(voice box)it consist of two lobes,one one each side of the trachea(windpipe)joined by a narrower portion of tissue called the isthmus---the thyroid grand produces hormones that regulate metabolism(the chemical activitie in cells that release energy from nutrients or uses energy to create other substances,such as proteins)the thyroid gland regulates the level of calcium in the body.insufficient thyroid hormones prduction is known as hypothyroidism(sluggish thyroid)symtoms include tirednes/dry skin/hair loss/weight gain/constipation/and sensitivity to cold.--because iodine is necessary for the production of thyroid hormones/calcium-ASk your DR before trying natural meds-because they ma interfere with what your uncle is taking now?--and you need to find out from your DR WHY is his thyroid sluggish--mrfoot56--peace

Q. I was told to have my thyroid test and now after the result they have told me to go for MRI I am 23 years old lady……I was told to have my thyroid test and now after the result they have told me to go for MRI……..and I know one of my friend had same type of symptoms and after thyroid test she was on her medicines and now she is well…they say it may be fibromyalgia or sclerosis …why they want me to go for MRI…..there seems to be something serious?

A. i think the MRI is to detect any signs of sclerosis. they try to get a differential diagnosis so they look for sclerosis or any other pathological sign. they didn't find anything in the Thyroid?

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* Thyroid assessment: may show hyper- thyroidism or hypothyroidism, both of which are more common in patients with iron overload.
Hill's Pet Nutrition has developed breakthrough nutrition with a pet food which is clinically proven to manage hyper thyroidism.
The finding of only subclinical hypo- thyroidism in the present study may be due to the fact that all the patients of this study were newly diagnosed.
It all started in March, when Ann Brennan, at 41 the oldest of Babe and Fran Edman's three daughters, learned during a routine medical exam that her blood calcium level was elevated, an indication of possible hyperpara thyroidism.
He verified that the insect, Triatominae (in popular English, assassin or kissing bug), was the vector of a hitherto unknown disease associated with a series of clinical manifestations, especially cardiopathy, cretinism, and hyper thyroidism. Caused by protozoa that Chagas named Trypanosoma cruzi, the disease initially received the scientific name "American trypanosomiasis" and later "Chagas disease." In the context of an intense controversy over this scientific discovery in 1909, the disease became a symbol of Brazilian medicine and indeed of the high quality of national medicine (Kropf 2009).
Only five papers describe the pathological findings in amiodarone-induced hyper thyroidism and none in amiodarone-induced hypothyroidism (10).
Hyper thyroidism impairs early repair in normal but not dystrophic mdx mouse tibials anterior muscle.
But, when iodine is insufficient in the body, fluoride takes over and disrupts thyroid functions, resulting in thyroidism, weight gain, fatigue, and depression.
Lately it has got even harder as I have been diagnosed as having a condition called hypo thyroidism which means that I tend to put weight on.
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She has a thyroid condition, pseudo-hypopara thyroidism, which is potentially life-threatening.
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