thyroid therapy

thy·roid ther·a·py

the treatment of hypothyroidism.
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A patient, who responds to thyroid treatment with improvement in depression, fatigue, and related symptoms, should be continued on thyroid therapy unless direct thyroid testing reveals excess T3 and T4.
After partial thyroid dissection everyone should have thyroid therapy.
Pregnant women who have a history of high-dose neck radiation, thyroid therapy, postpartum thyroiditis, or an infant born with thyroid disease should also be tested at the first prenatal visit.
The basal metabolic rate (BMR), developed by German physician Magnus-Levi in 1895, (13) was the gold standard for the first half of the 20th century for assessing clinical response of hypothyroid patients to thyroid therapy.
Researchers at the Boston University School of Medicine and Loma Linda Medical Center in California, who were still enrolling volunteers for test exposures in mid-2001, note that perchlorate has been used in thyroid treatments and that the level of test exposure is "many-fold" less than historical thyroid therapy doses.
The size may indicate, for example, whether or not the gland is regressing on thyroid therapy, he noted.
A minimum of 2 years' thyroid therapy was required to be included in the study.
One such study performed by Sonkin prescribed thyroid therapy for 88 patients suffering from euthyroid hypometabolism.
Contract notice: Purchase and delivery of pharmaceutical products (for the musculo-skeletal system, for dermatology, corticosteroids for systemic use, thyroid therapy and gynaecologicals) for specialist hospital in radom.