thyroid follicles

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thy·roid fol·li·cles

(thī'royd fol'i-kĕlz)
The small, spheric, vesicular components of the thyroid gland lined with epithelium and containing colloid in varying amounts; the colloid serves for storage of the thyroid hormone precursor, thyroglobulin.
Synonym(s): folliculi glandulae thyroideae [TA] .
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From each exposure concentration, 20 fish were sampled for whole-body thyroid hormone analyses, and a further 10 fish in each exposure group were fixed by immersion in 10% phosphate-buffered formalin for histologic examination of thyroid follicles, taking fish with an even distribution between the triplicate tanks.
Microscopically benign thyroid follicles in cervical lymph nodes: serial section study of lymph node inclusions and entire thyroid gland in 5 cases.
Also noted in the background were a few remnants of destroyed thyroid follicles.
The tumor was partially encapsulated, but in some places the capsule was incomplete and the tumor cells mingled with adjacent thyroid follicles.
The cystic spaces contained eosinophilic material and were reminiscent of thyroid follicles.