thyroid follicles

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thy·roid fol·li·cles

(thī'royd fol'i-kĕlz)
The small, spheric, vesicular components of the thyroid gland lined with epithelium and containing colloid in varying amounts; the colloid serves for storage of the thyroid hormone precursor, thyroglobulin.
Synonym(s): folliculi glandulae thyroideae [TA] .
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PTX could decelerate infiltration of leukocytes through thyroid follicles during HT.
Presence of complex architecture, stromal fibrosis, C cells infiltrating the stroma outside of the basement membrane of thyroid follicle, and presence of amyloid are hallmarks of medullary carcinoma.
The central lumen of the thyroid follicle contains colloid, which is a substance rich in thyroglobulin, an iodinated glycoprotein, detected by the positive PAS reaction (KIERSZENBAUM; TRES, 2012), as observed in C.
Heterotopic inclusions Lymph nodes commonly involved Breast tissue Axillary Aggregate of nevus cells Axillary Blue nevus Axillary Squamous epithelium Cervical and peripancreatic Salivary gland tissue Cervical Thyroid follicles Cervical Decidual tissue Pelvic Epithelium of paramesonephricus type Pelvic Intestinal glands Mesenteric Mesothelial cells Mediastinal and retroperitoneal Pantanowitz & Upton, 2003.
The thyroid follicle is the secretory unit of the thyroid gland and consists of an outer layer of epithelial cells that encloses the colloid.
The resulting iodothyronines are then reversibly combined with the storage protein, thyroglobulin, within the lumen of each of the thyroid follicles (Leatherland 1988, 1993).
However, after total excision of the submental mass, the pathology report described a well-encapsulated mass composed of variable sized thyroid follicles, without evidence of invasion.
Histologically benign struma ovarii contain thyroid follicles of variable sizes filled with colloid.
13,14) Histopathologically, struma ovarii is composed of various-sized thyroid follicles filled with pink-staining, homogenous, gelatinous colloid, lined with cuboidal or columnar epithelium, and separated with internal septications.