thyroid follicle

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thyroid follicle

A spherical or oval subunit of the thyroid gland, made of cuboidal epithelium, which contains colloid and the thyroglobulin and iodine from which thyroxine and triiodothyronine are synthesized.
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a sac or pouchlike depression or cavity.

atretic follicle
an involuted ovarian follicle.
conjunctival follicle
focal accumulations of hypertrophied lymphoid tissue in conjunctiva, indicative of an inflammatory reaction.
cystic follicle
ovarian follicle that has not ruptured, is grossly enlarged, may be multiple and on both ovaries. Caused by insufficient luteinizing hormone. Affected cows may be nymphomaniac in behavior, but most are anestrous and anovulatory. See also cystic ovarian degeneration.
dental follicle
the structure within the substance of the jaws enclosing a tooth before its eruption; the dental sac and its contents.
dominant follicle
in the ovary, hormones secreted by the largest follicle will cause others to regress.
gastric follicle
lymphoid masses in the gastric mucosa.
graafian follicle
a maturing ovarian follicle among whose cells fluid has begun to accumulate, leading to the formation of a single cavity and leaving the ovum located in the cumulus oophorus; called also vesicular ovarian follicle.
hair follicle
see hair follicle.
hemorrhagic follicle
see corpus hemorrhagicum.
lymph follicle, lymphatic f
1. a small collection of actively proliferating lymphocytes in the cortex of a lymph node.
2. a small collection of lymphoid tissue in the mucous membrane of the gastrointestinal tract; such collections may occur singly (solitary lymphatic follicle) or closely packed together (aggregated lymphatic follicles).
ovarian follicle
the ovum and its encasing cells, at any stage of its development.
primary ovarian follicle
an immature ovarian follicle consisting of an immature ovum and the few specialized epithelial cells surrounding it.
primordial follicle
an ovarian follicle consisting of an ovum enclosed by a single layer of cells.
sebaceous follicle
a hair follicle with a relatively large sebaceous gland, producing a relatively insignificant hair.
solitary follicle
1. areas of concentrated lymphatic tissue in the mucosa of the colon.
2. small lymph follicles scattered throughout the mucosa and submucosa of the small intestine. Called also solitary glands.
thyroid follicle
discrete cystlike units filled with a colloid substance, constituting the lobules of the thyroid gland.
vesicular ovarian follicle
graafian follicle.
wool follicle
site of origin of wool fiber.
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