thyroglossal cyst

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thyroglossal cyst

Thyrolingual cyst A fluid-filled space present at birth at the midline of the neck, resulting from an incomplete closure of the thyroglossal duct which normally closes before birth

thyroglossal cyst

A cyst formed within remnants of the THYROGLOSSAL DUCT.


pertaining to the thyroid and tongue.

thyroglossal cyst
developmental abnormality near the site of the thyroid diverticulum; may exist as a subepiglottic cyst, surrounded by thyroid follicular cells, embedded in the root of tongue; may cause inspiratory dyspnea and exercise intolerance.
thyroglossal duct
vestigial canal of the epithelial outgrowth from the floor of the pharynx that develops into the thyroid gland. Parts of the duct and accessory thyroid tissue derived from it may become cystic or undergo neoplastic transformation.

Patient discussion about thyroglossal cyst

Q. what are the risks of surgical removal of the cyst in acase of 5 years old girl with Thyroglossal Duct Cyst?

A. every surgery procedure has some risks, but while doing a Sistrunk (that procedure) the Doctor weigh the pro's and con's.
the possible complications for that procedure are:
* Excessive bleeding.
* Surgical-wound infection.
* Inadvertent injury to larynx (rare).

which are not so harsh... all of them manageable (if they actually do happen- not very common), and the operating Dr. took them in consideration.
i know it's scary buy don't worry :)

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Ultrasonography of the neck confirmed the long-standing thyroglossal cyst and the absence of other neck nodes.
On CT, a thyroglossal cyst usually appears as a smooth, well-circumscribed mass at any point along the course of the thyroglossal duct.
Thyroglossal cysts and sinuses: A study and report of 198 cases.