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a nucleoside of DNA.

thy·mi·dine (dThd),

1-(2-Deoxyribosyl)thymine; one of the four major nucleosides in DNA (the others being deoxyadenosine, deoxycytidine, and deoxyguanosine).


/thy·mi·dine/ (thi´mĭ-dēn) thymine linked to ribose, a rarely occurring base in rRNA and tRNA; frequently used incorrectly to denote deoxythymidine. Symbol T.


A nucleoside, C10H14N2O5, composed of thymine and deoxyribose.

thymidine (dThd)

one of the four major nucleosides in DNA. It is formed by the condensation of thymine with deoxyribose.


(dThd) (thī'mi-dēn)
1-(2-deoxyribosyl)thymine; one of the four major nucleosides in DNA (the others being deoxyadenosine, deoxycytidine, and deoxyguanosine).
Synonym(s): deoxythymidine.


a nucleoside of DNA.
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This report studies United States Thymidine market especially in North America, Europe, China, Japan, Southeast Asia and India, focuses on top manufacturers in United States market, with sales, price, revenue and market share for each manufacturer, covering Lonza, ST Pharm, Carbopharm GmbH Zhejiang NHU, Zhejiang xianfeng Science Technology, Anhui Golden Sun Biopharmaceuticals, Wuhan Fortuna Chemical and Hebei Anminuo.
In the absence of BNO-1055, inhibition of CNT isoforms by replacing Na + in the transport buffer with NMG attenuated basal thymidine uptake by just 32.
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The present study aims primarily at a description of the chemical knowledge accumulated regarding complexes of thymidine with some transition metals in aqueous solution.
However, the gene can also express truncated thymidine kinase for PET imaging.
Viral Herpes simplex thymidine kinase (HSVtk) converts a nontoxic prodrug ganciclovir (GCV) into a toxic form thereby killing the cells expressing the enzyme.
TOMM40 has variable lengths that are defined by how many thymidine bases are contained in a specific section of the gene.
Thymidine associated mutations (TAMs) are M41L, D67N, K70R, L210W, T215YF, K219QE.
The study findings suggest that vitamin B therapy is associated with both renal and vascular toxicity Possible explanations are that folic acid may promote cell proliferation through its role in thymidine synthesis; that folic acid and [B.
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BrdU is a synthetic nucleoside that is an analogue of thymidine.

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