word element [Gr.], thymus; mind, soul, or emotions.


, thym-thymi-
1. The thymus.
2. Mind, soul, emotions.
3. Wart, warty.


, thym- , thymi-
1. Combining forms denoting the thymus.
2. Combining forms denoting mind, soul, emotions.
See also: -thymia [G. thymos, the mind or heart as the seat of strong feeling or passions.]
3. Combining forms denoting wart, warty.
[G. thymion]

1 thymo-

, thym- [Gr. thymos, breath, soul, life, temper, anger]
Prefixes meaning soul, spirit, emotion, mind

2 thymo-

, 2 thym- [Gr. thymon, thymos, thyme, warty growth]
Prefixes meaning thymus.