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keraunophobia, tonitrophobia, brontophobia.
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The wind speed will be less than 5 knots at first, becoming mainly northeasterly-easterly with a speed of 6-16 knots and going up to 35 knots during thundery rain, the weather report states.
"On Wednesday frequentheavy and thundery downpours are likelythroughout the day, with a risk of hail.
Assessing general conditions, Roberts added: "There's the risk of heavy, possibly thundery, showers but they could be to the north or east.
A Met Eireann spokesman added: "Mist and fog will gradually lift today to leave a mix of hazy sunshine and a few heavy, possibly thundery, downpours.
Thundery "A little bit of uncertainty about when it will arrive but it will be pushing in from the south and will leave from north-east England.
IT'S going to be a rather miserable couple of days in Greater Manchester as thundery showers hit the region.
Scattered thundery showers will move northwards tomorrow, introducing cooler conditions.
The Meteorological Directorate of the Ministry of Transportation & Telecommunication forecast unsettled weather with rain showers that may become thundery at times, becoming partly cloudy overnight.
13 (BNA): The Directorate of Meteorology at the Ministry of Transportation and Telecommunications forecast an unsettled weather today with scattered rain showers that may become thundery at times, becoming partly cloudy overnight..
Dubai: Thundery rain woke up residents of Ras Al Khaimah early on Wednesday, as the unstable weather this week brings strong winds kicking up to 9-foot waves off the UAE on the Arabian Gulf, weathermen said.
Sea state inshore will be 2 to 4 feet surging to 5 feet with thundery rain.