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keraunophobia, tonitrophobia, brontophobia.
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It was an intense performance, with a particularly virtuoso piano part which ended with thunderously powerful, dark chords which were held until they faded to nothing.
White threads laughing thunderously, happy that these flowers have been scooped up Red threads titter needing to gorge themselves on bundles of these flowers Scarlet threads snarl wanting to gorge themselves on stalks of these flowers Yellow threads wail plaintively desiring to gorge themselves on the fruits hanging below the high wooden bosses.
The governor had come to lunch, and after lunch he and my grandfather were talking in the parlor, and my grandfather raised his ass up every few minutes to break wind thunderously.
They thunderously re-echoed through the still night and the Christian soul shook.
After a summer of depres- sion, a season dreaming of redemp- tion, and a post- season fighting back their own demons, the Lakers finally rained down, thunderously and violently in one almost flawless, beautiful storm of a Game 6.
ACLU's Washington Legislative Director, Caroline Fredrickson, called this "the last gasp of an administration desperate to rationalize what is a failed legal scheme" - that the Supreme Court thunderously rejected three times.
Desire and guilt are the opposing forces in this thunderously passionate film, which pits the men at loggerheads with each other, as much as the women chasing their affections.
Students were nodding vigorously when Judy Bonds thunderously exclaimed that if someone takes issue with coal and MTR than the most powerful thing to be done is "shut off the lights
It is this deepening concern and gloom among Europeans and Britons that accounted for the spectacularly joyless birthday celebrations centred in Berlin where German president Angela Merkel reaffirmed her commitment to reviving an EU constitution--which France and the Netherlands have already thunderously rejected in referendums.
That's because the Cheney/Bush era is imploding thunderously and a leadership vacuum exists.
In the mid-1990s, A-list hucksters like the thunderously perky life coach Tony Robbins and the tiny-classified-ad tycoon Don LaPre were inescapable TV presences, and while their water-torture promises of instant wealth and happiness were preposterous, they were also infectious, helping to create a national mood of high-octane optimism.