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keraunophobia, tonitrophobia, brontophobia.
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His rage had become an almost equally consuming passion with his hunger, so that now, as his delicate nostrils apprised him of the recent passage of man, he lowered his head and rumbled forth a thunderous roar, and at a swift walk, careless of the noise he made, set forth upon the trail of his intended quarry.
Like an answering challenge came suddenly to the ears of the ape-man the thunderous roar of a lion, a hideous angry roar in which Tarzan thought that he discerned a note of surprise and terror.
From behind us in the vicinity of the prospector there came the most thunderous, awe-inspiring roar that ever had fallen upon my ears.
Tons upon tons of dirt must have been removed, and for a long time he wondered where it had been deposited, until in following downward a tunnel of great size and length he sensed before him the thunderous rush of subterranean waters, and presently came to the bank of a great, underground river, tumbling onward, no doubt, the length of a world to the buried sea of Omean.
But here were intermingled the voices of later eras--the scream of the panther, the roar of the lion, the baying of wolves and a thunderous growling which we could attribute to nothing earthly but which one day we were to connect with the most fearsome of ancient creatures.
The faint murmur of the violins was suddenly caught up and absorbed in the thunderous music of a march.
The trade, which had laid the Arangi well up under the lee of this outjutting point of Malaita, was now failing, so that she began to roll in the easy swells with crashings of sheets and tackles and thunderous flappings of her sails.
Sir Nigel was thrown down by the sheer weight of them, and Sir Bertrand with his thunderous war-cry was swinging round his heavy sword to clear a space for him to rise, when the whistle of two long English arrows, and the rush of the squire and the two English archers down the stairs, turned the tide of the combat.
2 (BNA): The Meteorological Directorate at the Ministry of Transportation and Telecommunications forecast a partly cloud weather today, turning cloudy later with sporadic rain which could be thunderous at times.
Swifts weathered an early Dromore onslaught and took the lead on 30 minutes when the predatory Burrows pounced when the home keeper parried Haires thunderous drive.
Even bigger, perhaps, than IDS selling out a gig in Liverpool, walking on stage to thunderous applause -and off to to a standing ovation.
From a blinding gospel version of By The Time I Get To Phoenix, to Walk On By, with a visit to Chef's theme tune Chocolate Salty Balls, before a thunderous Shaft.