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keraunophobia, tonitrophobia, brontophobia.
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The sound of the rattle is the sound of thunder--voice of the Thunderers.
"We have people contact us regularly with ACME Thunderers, Metropolitan Police Whistles, Artillery Whistles and Infantry Whistles that were used in World War Two but never a clicker."
The Train Dispatcher at Neath General Railway Station used to wave his green flag and give a blast on his whistle; rugby referees all over Wales blew hard on their Acme Thunderers, as most of the finest whistles were called: "acme" the Greek for the highest decibel level available.
These thunderers were offered the sort of adulation pop gods or Premier League players get today, bearded and bellicose as Old Testament prophets, shivering the souls of sinners, denouncing the devil and all his works.
For she also represents Merseyside at soccer, was invited to play for the celebrated Northern Thunderers at netball and reached the finals of the Lancashire County tennis championships.