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A punch or blow to the center of the sternum with the fist or a mechanical device.

chest thump

Precordial thump.

precordial thump

A forceful punch delivered to a patient’s sternum in an attempt to terminate a lethal cardiac rhythm, such as ventricular fibrillation or ventricular tachycardia.


This procedure is not routinely used. The critical time it consumes during resuscitation may be better used by starting chest compressions and assigning a second rescuer to obtain an automated external defibrillator.
Synonym: chest thump
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Wilodge Thumper, from Christine Williams and Richard Bartle trading as DA Williams, Lodge Hill Farm, Park Lane, Shifnal, Shropshire, was the first son offered at sale by Nouvelle Prospect a son of Wilson Jupiter out of Hartside Dream.
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It was late in the day last Thursday when Peter's young prize bull Pedr Thumper CH28 sold for 31,000gns to Perthshire neighbours Adrian Ivory, and Meigle and Bill Bruce.
Heading the trade at 31,000gns was Pedr Thumper CH28, the 16-month junior and overall reserve championships for Peter Howells, who was making his debut 860-mile round trip to Perth from Llanybydder, Ceredigion.