thumb sucking

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thumb sucking

The habit of sucking one's thumb. Intermittent thumb sucking is not abnormal, but prolonged and intensive thumb sucking past the time the first permanent teeth erupt at 5 or 6 years of age can lead to a misshapen mouth and displaced teeth. If the habit persists, combined dental and psychological therapy should be instituted.
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Q. What does thumb or finger sucking mean in ADULTS? People watch the unusual behavior of a person and decide their disorder. I strongly agree, but here is a critical question for you all. What does thumb or finger sucking mean in ADULTS?

A. It’s not a show to enjoy and laugh! It means that whomever you are talking about needs to see a psychologist. I am not joking. Things we are supposed to out-grow but don't, i.e. thumb sucking, imaginary friends or bed wetting, can represent serious problems or mental blocks.

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Oral habits such as thumb sucking, mouth breathing and tongue thrusting tend to cause dental malocclusion by imbalance in the forces acting on the teeth and if left untreated over a longer period of time will lead to abnormal positioning of the upper and lower jaw.
It also controls oral habits such as use of pacifier or non-nutritive thumb sucking and speech acquisition time.
Similarly, majority of the children in the SG had the habits of tongue biting (100%), object biting (64.6%) and thumb sucking (64.6%) for more than two years.
"With finger or thumb sucking, removing the problem is more challenging!
Palatal bar when constructed forward and bent downwards in the mouth serves as a thumb sucking habit-breaking device.
Regarding to frequent thumb sucking, two subjects of the study group and two subjects of the control group were found to have this habit.
Summary: DUBAI -- Thumb sucking is a natural habit which develops in babies during the period of infancy.
And as for the critics who claim that sucking a dummy may interfere with the alignment of teeth, the same applies to thumb sucking which, in my book, is also to be encouraged.
As such, it is thought at times to be benign in a manner analogous to habits such as thumb sucking and nail biting.
The American and Chilean researchers also looked at the effects of bottle feeding, breast feeding and thumb sucking on speech development.
These can range from low self-esteem issues to bedwetting, thumb sucking and even ADHD.