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Jan A., 20th-century Swedish geneticist. See: Böök syndrome.
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Blaze will have to come through another physical battle in Newcastle to stay on course for the title and Thompson fumed: "They should throw the book at Payette.
They are set to throw the book at Legia who were kicked out of the Champions League for fielding an ineligible player against Celtic and have been fined over crowd trouble and an anti-UEFA banner this term.
Hopefully the judge will throw the book at Kerr when he is sentenced in June.
If, as farmers, we did anything like that, the Assembly would throw the book at us
THE SPL could throw the book at Motherwell following the cancellation of their match against Hibs yesterday.
It seemed as though the whole world wanted to know whether Souey was going to blow his top and throw the book at the Dutchman.
THE FA are ready to throw the book at Sir Alex Ferguson over suggestions that Arsenal have been doing disciplinary 'deals' and his claim that Rio Ferdinand has already been found guilty by the game's governing body.
lThe Irish stewards throw the book at Eddie Harty, who is found guilty of "administering a drug or stimulant which could affect a horse's speed, stamina, conduct or courage" to Smart Oliver (Tommy Carmody), who won the first leg of the handicap hurdle at Naas on January 1.
The officers responsible for preserving the peace and tranquillity of Los Angeles' public libraries want to throw the book at lawbreakers - and they don't want it thrown back.
Thompson said after the game: "Matt Elliott smashed Craig in the face with his elbow - I hope they throw the book at him before he seriously hurts someone.

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