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Jan A., 20th-century Swedish geneticist. See: Böök syndrome.
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FIFA and UEFA have thrown the book at the English FA often enough over the years, so let's hope they throw the book at the morons who made those chants," asserted Bruce.
When it comes to sentencing, the judge must throw the book at him.
Attorney's office decided to give immunity to a professional drug smuggler, accept his word that, even though he was in possession of a million dollars in drugs, that he was unarmed and then throw the book at the border patrol agents, turning into a felony what should have been addressed, at most, by a 5-day suspension for the violation of internal procedures.
CASSIDY Coventry Blaze head coach Paul Thompson has cranked up the heat before his side's trip to bitter rivals Newcastle tonight by calling for ice-hockey bosses to throw the book at Vipers bad boy Andre Payette.
He insists European football's governing body are ready to throw the book at Chelsea and Barcelona for their conduct at last week's Champions League clash in the Nou Camp.
While I think they should throw the book at him for drunk driving, take away his licence and impound his car, I believe there are good things coming out of this whole debacle.
The situation, if they want to throw the book at a player, is as follows:
THE EUROPEAN Commission is threatening to throw the book at the British government over its failure to allow Britain-based donors to foreign European Union (EU) charities to deduct their generosity from their tax return.
The judge, he says, "didn't throw the book at Larson, he threw the entire New York City Public Library at him.

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