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Plural of thrombosis.
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Recommendation: Hereditary thrombophilia testing has no advantage in thromboses in children with congenital heart disease.
There are several hypotheses for the development error: either through embryonic dysontogenesis or through intrapartum or perinatal thromboses which determine the regression/disappearance of IVC.
Les thromboses veineuses profondes des members superieurs.
During the last 2 years of follow-up, there were 13 definite or probable thromboses in the Z-ES group and 44 in the S-ES group.
This disease may be the cause of recurrent thromboses; but coexistence of two thrombotic disorders should be considered in severe thrombotic attacks.
However, the lifetime probability of developing thrombosis and the severity of the thromboses seem to be considerably less in heterozygotes with the factor V Leiden mutation than in patients with the less common inherited thrombophilias (3).
Thromboses (blood clots) in the legs are a serious and possibly life-threatening condition not so uncommon with our traveling population.
Because some patients continue to suffer thromboses at this dose, some investigators advocate higher intensity therapy, up to a target INR of 3.5 or 4.0.
In each study group, fewer than 5 percent of patients experienced serious clots called major deep-vein thromboses.
Most of us have probably already heard of one particular type of VTE, which occur in leg veins called deep vein thromboses (DVTs), which can break off to lodge in the small vessels in the lung.