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1. Clotted.
2. Denoting a blood vessel that is the seat of thrombosis.
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1. Clotted.
2. Denoting a blood vessel that is the seat of thrombosis.
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Q. How can I prevent blood clots? I am 45 years old and am supposed to go on a business trip overseas. The flight itself is 12 hours long and then I have to continue traveling by bus. Could this cause me to have blood clots? If so, how can I prevent it?

A. Always walk as much as you can on the plane. Also, rotate your ankels in circles. Sometimes try to use your ankels and make the alphabet with them. Have fun..

Q. Are long flights dangerous? I'm flying next week to my vacation, and the flight is going to be rather long (almost 16 hours non-stop). Several years ago, my 75 years-old aunt had blood clot in her lung after a flight of similar length. I also heard that during flight the blood in the legs clots and that it can cause after that problems with the lungs and breathing. Does this mean it's dangerous for me to fly? Should I change my ticket to shorter connection flights?

A. Do other relatives of yours have blood clotting problems too, like your aunt? You should tell a doctor about the problem your aunt had and ask if it's genetic.

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Surgical treatment: The surgical treatment was performed in patients who were presented in the hospital with thrombosed hemorrhoids within first 72 hours.
Two hardened, keratotic papule-like lesions on the right palm, with desquamating margins and thrombosed blood vessel on their center.
Third, unfortunately, another critical point is that the anal melanoma is being mistakenly diagnosed and treated as a thrombosed external hemorrhoid or mucosal skipped lesion with increasing frequency in recent years (4).
Axial view (a) showing thrombosed falciform ligament (yellow arrows).
Caption: Figure 3: Medium power view of thrombosed vessels with extensive interstitial hemorrhage.
The pain associated with an anal fissure is distinct from that of an abscess or thrombosed hemorrhoid--it's a throbbing pain lasting minutes to hours per episode.
I want to know more about his thrombosed stent and treatments, especially as they pertain to my expertise with antiplatelet agents, and why it seemed he could wait up to "a couple of months" before undergoing a coronary artery bypass.
TPM attempted under fluoroscopy through subclavian vein but wires couldn't be crossed as vein was thrombosed and procedure abandoned.
The recommended treatment for these aneurysms is resection and reconstruction unless the aneurysm is thrombosed and there is no distal ischemia.
Scattered dilated and focally thrombosed blood vessels were visualised which are a feature of these lesions.