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Plural of thrombosis.
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Even in the elderly, these, unstable lesions rupture, thrombose, and cause acute myocardial infarctions.
Even in the elderly, these unstable lesions rupture, thrombose, and cause acute myocardial infarctions.
Hemorrhoids also may thrombose, causing severe pain.
When orbital venous malformations hemorrhage and/or thrombose, they produce sustained proptosis and pain.
-- Hemorrhoids that bleed, thrombose, prolapse, or cause extreme pain and are unrelieved by conservative measures may justify surgery in a pregnant or puerperal patient, colorectal surgeon Dr.
doused with enough butter to thrombose a whole regiment of Paul Dudley Whites," a daube provencale, several guinea hens, some early spring asparagus, and three bottles of wine.
Prompt surgical intervention has been the standard for treating PAs, although they have been known to thrombose spontaneously.[1] In 1992 Paulson et al[14] evaluated color Doppler sonographic characteristics of PA formation that might help predict which PAs would thrombose without intervention.
False negative angiograms do occur (particularly in diagnosing intimal flaps which may thrombose during surgical repair of ligaments if a tourniquet is used).
Cela augmente le risque d'infarctus, d'angine de poitrine et de thrombose. Les risques veineux (phlebites, embolies pulmonaires...) sont aussi plus nombreux.
In the long term, lymphangiomas (7) thrombose and fibrose, forming hard nodules that may raise concerns about malignancy.
A large number of venous repairs will thrombose in the post-operative period, especially if an interposition vein graft has been used.25 Adequate fasciotomies have been considered a useful adjunct to repair the extremity vascular injuries, especially with prolonged ischaemia time and associated injuries to prevent compartment syndrome.26 Wound infection was the most common complication.