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Thrombin Inhibitor in Venous Thromboembolism. A clinical study that assessed the efficacy of ximelagatran (Exanta), an oral thrombin inhibitor in preventing venous thrombo-embolism—VTE
Conclusions Ximelagatran is better than a placebo for extended prevention of VTE
Nonetheless, in 2004 the FDA rejected Exanta because of its adverse renal and cardiovascular effects
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Similarly, to evaluate humanity's thriving as a whole, humanity's purpose must be examined.
Of the five elements, former student-athletes -- like their non-student-athlete counterparts -- are the most likely to be thriving in purpose well-being.
At the bottom of the list is Afghanistan, where not even 1pc of the population is thriving financially, closely followed by Guinea and Mali.
The diversity among the thriving banks is the basis for the third phase of our analysis, in which we examine various facets of that diversity.
The idea for Libraries Thriving was conceived at the Charleston Conference in 2010, the result of a plenary session on collaboration and moving libraries forward.
Then Harter and Agrawal sorted the responses into three categories of wellbeing: thriving (strong, consistent, and progressing), struggling (moderate or inconsistent), or suffering (at high risk).
Neighbouring countries Kuwait, the UAE and Qatar all had suffering percentages of five or lower, while Saudi Arabia - which was ranked 58th in the thriving stakes - only had a suffering percentage of three.
Here, Chestnut schools us on the finer side of this thriving metropolis.
Now a consultant, he is sent on an unusual assignment to decide what to name a thriving and progressive Western town.
But beyond the thriving storefronts and the piles of refurbished wares, a darker picture emerges.
Invasive species threaten California native species by thriving in their habitats and competing for limited resources, according to the Nature Conservancy.
Nrityagram was founded in 1990 by Protima Gauri Bedi, who convinced the local government to give her ten acres of dusty land where, brick by brick, she built a thriving home for classical and contemporary dance.