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Thrombin Inhibitor in Venous Thromboembolism. A clinical study that assessed the efficacy of ximelagatran (Exanta), an oral thrombin inhibitor in preventing venous thrombo-embolism—VTE
Conclusions Ximelagatran is better than a placebo for extended prevention of VTE
Nonetheless, in 2004 the FDA rejected Exanta because of its adverse renal and cardiovascular effects
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(2015b; 2016b) found that employees most probably thrive when they perceive that their organizations support and care for their wellbeing.
Given the negative consequences of incivility at the workplace (Schilpzand et al., 2016), it is reasonable to conclude that curbing uncivil behaviors at the workplace contributes to fostering a work environment that enables employees to thrive.
Employees thrive more when they perceive that their organization supports them (Abid et al., 2015b; 2016).
Indeed, in 2 Corinthians 12, Paul seems to not only thrive despite his suffering, but also in part because of it: In reference to a "thorn in [his] flesh," he boasts "all the more gladly about [his] weaknesses, so that Christ's power may rest on [him]" (2 Corinthians 12:7-9).
At minimum, the presence of suffering in the lives of Jesus and Paul allows people to consider that suffering can take place in the lives of others without it eliminating their ability to thrive. Employing both positive psychology and theology, Hall, Langer, and McMartin (2010) have argued further that suffering can contribute to thriving.
Without such an inclusion, individuals may be understood to thrive despite their character being marked by a lack of humility and respect for authority.
WHERE IT THRIVES Part shade in hottest climates; zones 6-9, 14-24.
WHERE IT THRIVES Full sun; zones 8-10, 12-24 (plant it as an annual elsewhere).
It is against this background that we would like to invite you to join a core team of so-minded business leaders to become a founder member of ' Thrive'.
Given the epistemological resources of the social sciences, this void is not surprising within the field of psychology, and the teleological perspective opens a door for theology to contribute to an understanding of what it means for humans to thrive. A valuable question for the integration of psychology and theology is to consider what Christian theology suggests is essential for humans to thrive.
Humans are Created to Thrive: The Doctrine of Creation and Thriving
Thus, a theology of thriving informed by a robust doctrine of creation acknowledges that the Triune God immerses himself in the messiness of history and, through the work of the Son and Spirit, graciously enables his creatures to thrive and have life.