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N-Acetyl-cysteine against noise-induced temporary threshold shift in male workers.
Thus, for a given sample size there exists a threshold shift level below which the random sampling method and above which the stratified sampling method is superior in detecting a single stratum shift.
Standard Threshold Shift (STS) identification and follow-up
Threshold Shift explores the complex problems arising from future technology, as well as constructing fantastic alien visions and worlds, and is strongly recommended for science fiction collections and reading lists.
There is no agreement as to how long a temporary hearing threshold shift can last.
There is no agreement about how long a temporary hearing threshold shift can last.
Sixth, be aware of the effects of the temporary threshold shift that can occur if the participant has been exposed to any loud sounds for several hours prior to doing the test.
OSHA also clarified two matters relating to recording occupational hearing loss for general industry in conjunction with the final rule: computation of a standard threshold shift for determining recordable hearing loss and how OSHA will treat an expected increase in the number of recorded cases resulting from new recordkeeping.
The temporary threshold shift largely disappears within 16 hours after exposure to loud noise.
Therefore, a need for initial site evaluations and for baseline hearing assessments has been established, as well as the need for annual audiograms to evaluate for standard threshold shift.
It is called a temporary threshold shift and usually disappears within 16-48 hours, after which a person's hearing returns to previous levels.