three treasures

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three treasures,

n qi (energy), jing (essence), and shen (spirit). Harmony between the three treasures is indicative of a healthy individual, whereas a disruption of this balance leads to illness.
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Mountain Rose Herbs has donated $500 cash and about $550 in products and materials to Three Treasures Farms.
One of three treasures from the collection of the Duke of Bedford on offer, it is expected to fetch 1.
Big Roman dig highlights three treasures from North-east of England
The three treasures are now in the care of the health boards as gardai continue to search for their mothers.
According to a frequently advanced theory, the "beanstalk " is the ash, Yggdrasil, of the Eddas, the giant is All - Father, whose three treasures are the wind, the rain, and the red hen which lays golden eggs (the sun).
Poppy, along with another former show horse named Val, were headed out, in their costumes, to greet visitors to the grandly named Mystic Horse Affair 2011, a Celtic-themed fundraiser for Three Treasures Farms.
Three Treasures got its start, Shen explained, after she realized that the horse show business didn't care that much about the lives of its star athletes.
Shen says she used to work with violent juvenile offenders and had a background as a dressage rider before she began Three Treasures as a for-profit business, helping people with problem horses, in 1998.
Three Treasures Farms, a local nonprofit organization that rehabilitates rescued performance horses and provides opportunities for disadvantaged children to work with them, is holding a fundraiser from noon to 4 p.
In Creswell, Three Treasures Farms is holding a Halloween open house at 32775 England Road from noon to 4 p.
The Three Treasures or Refuges: 1) Buddha - historical person, one's master, and the Buddha nature of all things; 2) Dharma - teachings of the Buddha and masters down the centuries, and our own direct experience; and 3) Sangha - a community of dedicated practitioners who offer their advice so that all beings might realize the never-ending end, Nirvana, the perfect peace and joy that patiently awaits us all.