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the result or product of thinking.
thought broadcasting the belief that one's thoughts are being broadcast from one's head to the external world.
thought disorder a disturbance in the thought process that is most narrowly defined as disorganized thinking with altered associations, as is characteristic of schizophrenia. The term is often used much more broadly to include any disturbance of thought, such as confusion, hallucinations, or delusions, which affects possession, quantity, or content of thought.
thought stopping a method of overcoming obsessive, phobic, or otherwise distressing thoughts by first concentrating on them and after a short time stopping or interrupting them.
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1. The faculty of reasoning.
2. The process or act of thinking.
3. The result of thinking.
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1. The faculty of reasoning.
2. The process or act of thinking.
3. The result of thinking.
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Patient discussion about thought

Q. Could anyone share your thought about this medicine? hi all…my son is suffering from ADHD for the past 3 years. He is currently on Adderall and is not able to tolerate it effectively. When I shared this with the doctor, he has prescribed him Strattera. To my knowledge it works more for kids with ADD than those with ADHD…..Could anyone share your thought about this medicine...Please……

A. I have no idea about Strattera, I am ADHD and I take Adderall. It worked well for me but I got severe side effects with Ritalin. I have found that Adderall has fewer side effects and is safe. Adderall is a stimulant drug and Strattera is a non-stimulant drug used in the treatment of ADHD in adults and children over 6. I have also read a critic in a medical journal that Strattera could develop suicidal thoughts in patients. Hey! Don’t from your own conclusions. Doctor is an individual who possess the required qualifications and knowledge to give the kind of treatment. Do consult with your doctor for any of your doubts.

Q. Is it normal for someone with untreated Adult ADHD to have constant, worried thoughts? As a child I was diagnosed with "off the charts" ADHD and took medication which fixed the problem for about 7 years. I ended the medication in junior high and now I am in college. I am no having constant worried thoughts and my mind is always racing. I think this may be the ADHD back now as an adult, would this make sense?

A. Attention Def is often goes hand in hand with Depression. Depression is often missed in diagnosis because the person suggests that they are not sad and don't cry often. Depression might better be described as a feeling of emotional heavyness or pressure without a real reason. This feeling of emotional heavyness is awful and people will try to find reasons to explain why they feel this way so that they can do something about it. Generally, if a person makes a decision about something, such as paying a bill, this heavyness will lift for a while and the person can move on to another thought. When a person is depressed this heavyness is lifted but only for a very short period of time, sometimes only for a few seconds, and the person cannot move on to a new thought. Instead, the tendency is to rethink the same thought over and over to get, although short lived, a bit of emotional releif.

Q. Any advice and thoughts you have about dieting & exercise I'd love to know. Thanks………….. After having tried with so many diets I loved the nutri- system diet. But it’s too expensive. I want to have an easy and fun diet that would work for me and actually I love to eat healthy. If you guys had any success with such a diet, please share with me. Any advice and thoughts you have about dieting & exercise I'd love to know. Thanks…………..

A. Make sure to have lots of fruits, vegetables, less of meat, exercise and lots of water especially every morning. Make sure you’re always hydrated. It's the best. Eliminate all soda or soft drinks and those sweet candies and please balance out your meals.

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It was a project at the spa earlier in the year, however, that revealed the full extent of other people's environmental thoughtlessness. A team from the spa joined volunteers from Natural Kirklees' Environmental Alliance and Huddersfield pharmaceutical company Thornton & Ross to clear the neighbouring Low Westwood Pond.
In fact, after a fashion they are damning of general thoughtlessness. There are currently 45.2 million forcibly displaced people worldwide, the highest number of its kind since 1994, the year of the Rwandan genocide and civil war in the former Yugoslavia.
"They were understandably upset when a mindless vandal, in a few seconds of thoughtlessness, caused several hundred pounds-worth of damage."
Judge Daniel Williams told him: " What you have accepted is recklessness rather than dishonestly - thoughtlessness on a grand scale - not an intention to deceive.
His explanations and apologies regarding his remark, profuse as they may be, only accentuate his thoughtlessness -- an unfortunate trait many of the country's politicians and administrators are also guilty of.
Our friends proceeded to berate him for his cruelty, his thoughtlessness. Then they picked me up and carried me out to the playground, presumably to bury me beside the jungle gym.
Among his perspectives are the iron cage of rationality, the delights of thoughtlessness, metaphor and dogma, and the manufacturing of law.
Can fractured souls still figure out a way to make music together, to find the rhythm they lost in their thoughtlessness? Hoffman's film suggests that if we can be entertained by kindergartners of any age, it is never too late to learn a new tune.
This faith is reflected in the thoughtlessness with which they keep raising taxes on ' conspicuous consumption', as the present incumbent has done by raising the service tax on restaurants.
The thoughtlessness of this action resulted in even more delays for the rest of us law-abiding citizens as they were essentially queue jumping.
Discrimination was seen through "unwitting prejudice, ignorance, thoughtlessness and racist stereotyping".