thorn apple

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Da·tu·ra stra·mo·'ni·um

a species that is the main source of stramonium.

thorn apple,

n Latin name:
Datura stramonium; parts used: foliage, flow-ers, fruit, roots; uses: antiasthmatic, antiinflammatory, antispasmodic, earache, elephantiasis, motion sickness, respiratory disorders, topical pain reliever, wound healing; precautions: can cause poisoning in larger doses; abused as a recreational drug. Also called
Jimson Weed and

thorn apple

see datura.
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The Bil Mar and Thorn Apple Valley recalls put Listeria in the spotlight.
Because most of the product covered in its recall notice was already code-expired, Thorn Apple Valley estimates it will spend a relatively modest $1 million to $7 million on its recall.
When the Russian currency collapsed, Thorn Apple Valley was left without a customer for 1.
The center also will focus on assessing the risk of listeria, which has been linked to the recent record 30-million pound recall of hot dogs and deli meats produced by Thorn Apple Valley, Southfield, Mich.
Hawthorns are great grouse habitat because of the berries, called thorn apples, they produce, which the birds love, but also because their intertwining branches are armed with two-inch, razor sharp thorns.
There was a secret clearing in the thorn apples where we changed our clothes.