thorn apple

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Da·tu·ra stra·mo·'ni·um

a species that is the main source of stramonium.

thorn apple,

n Latin name:
Datura stramonium; parts used: foliage, flow-ers, fruit, roots; uses: antiasthmatic, antiinflammatory, antispasmodic, earache, elephantiasis, motion sickness, respiratory disorders, topical pain reliever, wound healing; precautions: can cause poisoning in larger doses; abused as a recreational drug. Also called
Jimson Weed and

thorn apple

see datura.
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Later, Thorn Apple Valley voluntarily recalled all of the products it produced at the plant after July 6.
Public health officials in South Korea have ordered the withdrawal of frankfurters supplied by Thorn Apple Valley and have banned the distribution of 49 tonnes of "suspicious" hot dogs.
They also include the former Thorn Apple Valley (TAV) operations, which were dilutive to the division's earnings.
They will be a tremendous asset to Thorn Apple Valley as we complete our extensive restructuring," Rozzano said.
In advance of the expiration date of the LOC, the prior Trustee, PNC Bank, Ohio, reported to Standard & Poor's that the LOC was extended for one year in accordance with the extension provisions of a 1993 agreement between Thorn Apple Valley and Old Kent Bank, and, additionally, a consultation with the LOC bank.
Thorn Apple Valley owns plants in Oklahoma, North Carolina and Michigan that make bacon, hams, hot dogs and other meat products.
ADRIENNE SAYS: The plant you describe is Dutura Stramonium, the Thorn Apple.
today completed the acquisition of Thorn Apple Valley (TAV), a Michigan based meat processing company.
Thorn Apple Valley has always been committed to the safety and quality of its products.
Consequently, Thorn Apple voluntarily recalled 30 million pounds of product produced in that facility.
Citing the Russian financial crisis and costs incurred to a meat recall, meat processor Thorn Apple Valley, Inc.
4 /PRNewswire/ -- Thorn Apple Valley (Nasdaq: TAVI) today reported a net loss of $12.