thoracolumbar outflow

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thoracolumbar outflow

Impulses passing through sympathetic nerves.
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thoracolumbar outflow (thôˈ·r·kō·lumˑ·bär owtˑ·flō),

n catabolic system involved in preparing the body for emergencies. Also called
sympathetic nervous system.


pertaining to the thoracic and lumbar vertebrae.

thoracolumbar disk
intervertebral disk between vertebrae in the thoracolumbar segment of the vertebral column.
thoracolumbar outflow
symphathetic nervous system.
thoracolumbar spinal cord lesion
associated with a nerve deficit in the hindlimbs but no abnormality in the front limbs.
thoracolumbar syndrome
spinal cord lesions between T3 and L3 cause spastic paresis to paralysis in the hindlegs and sensory loss caudal to the level of the lesion. Most commonly seen in dogs with intervertebral disk protrusions.