thoracic splanchnic nerves

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tho·rac·ic splanch·nic nerves

splanchnic nerves arising from the thoracic portion of the sympathetic trunks; the upper thoracic splanchnic nerves (from T1 to T4 or 5) pass to viscera above the diaphragm (mainly heart, lungs, and esophagus) and so are cardiopulmonary splanchnic nerves; the lower thoracic splanchnic nerves form the greater, lesser, and lowest splanchnic nerves and supply viscera below the level of the diaphragm, and so are abdominopelvic splanchnic nerves.
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tho·rac·ic splanch·nic nerves

(thōr-as'ik splangk'nik nĕrvz)
Splanchnic nerves arising from the thoracic portion of sympathetic trunks.
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