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A plural of thorax.
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(thor'aks?, thor') (thor'a-sez?, thor') plural.thoracesthoraxes [L. thorax, fr Gr. thorax, breastplate]
That part of the body between the base of the neck superiorly and the diaphragm inferiorly. Synonym: chest See: rib

The surface of the thorax is divided into regions as follows: Anterior surface: supraclavicular, above the clavicles; suprasternal, above the sternum; clavicular, over the clavicles; sternal, over the sternum; mammary, the space between the third and sixth ribs on either side; inframammary, below the mammae and above the lower border of the 12th rib on either side. Posterior surface: scapular, over the scapulae; interscapular, between the scapulae; infrascapular, below the scapulae. On sides: axillary, above the sixth rib.

barrel-shaped thorax

A malformed chest rounded like a barrel, seen in advanced pulmonary emphysema.

bony thorax

The part of the skeleton that is made up of the thoracic vertebrae, 12 pairs of ribs, and the sternum.

thorax paralyticus

The long, flat chest of patients with constitutional visceroptosis.

Peyrot thorax

See: Peyrot thorax
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Patient discussion about thoraces

Q. My mother had a chest pain and she was sent for a TEE. When do you need a TEE and when a normal echo is fine? My mother had a chest pain few weeks ago. we were sure its a heart attack and went to the ER. There the doctors did some tests and she was sent for a (trans thoracic echocardiogram) TEE. I want to know when do you need a TEE and when you can do just a normal echocardiogram because the TEE was very painful for her and we want to know if ther was a better way.

A. The main difference between TEE and normal echo is that in TEE u put the transducer directly in the esophagus. The transducer is the same and the idea is to put it as close as possible to the heart.
As far as I know there are some heart situations the TEE is better for diagnosis that normal echo. Maybe your mom had one of those situations?
I can recommend you to ask the ER doctor. he will probably be able to give a better explanation for his choice

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