thixotrophy (thikˈ·s·trōˑ·fē),

n phenomenon of change in connective and other gel tissues. Movement and pressure transform the solid gel-state tissue into a more liquid, malleable state.
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Provides thixotrophy and viscosity control in component dip-coating operations.
In adhesives compounding, Neosyls are said to provide an additional method of promoting improved adhesion, as well as providing thixotrophy and reinforcement.
This product efficiently reduces viscosity and thixotrophy in the finished ink (600-1000cps.
Baume is a composite number, influenced by the SG of the liquid and the suspended solids, the shape of the gauge, the liquid's viscosity and plasticity, the gelling characteristics, and other liquid characteristics including pseudoplasticity, rheopexy, thixotrophy, dilatency, Bingham plasticity and zeta potential.
The product line includes gelled vehicles for UV litho inks and vehicles that reduce thixotrophy in UV flexo inks.
Reportedly provides thixotrophy and viscosity control in component dip-coating operations Products also offered for casting or coating operations.