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In bringing out this tension, Heresy and Heretics in the Thirteenth Century is a welcome contribution to the discussion of the possibilities and limitations of talking about medieval heresy in the twenty-first century.
"We are delighted to receive this recognition for the thirteenth time, the DFNI Awards are true industry honours and it is gratifying to know that Dubai Duty Free is consistently seen as the best in the business amongst our peers.
Men's struggle over whether to use the thirteenth sign to save her dying grandmother (thus irrevocably altering humanity) adds tension to the novel, but this issue is hardly addressed with all the monster battling.
Happy thirteenth birthday Debony sweetheart, love you forever, Mam, Dad and family.xxxx LOGAN (Westerhope).
Another lapse makes her beholden to a strange old woman who demands Tara collect thirteen specific objects before Tara's thirteenth birthday--or suffer dire consequences.
This study of the mediaeval Jewish presence in England follows the author's earlier work on the expulsion of the Jews in the late thirteenth century.
many commentators have turned to the Thirteenth Amendment as a
He began the first of the two finals in twentieth and drove well to finish thirteenth. In the second final, starting from thirteenth, he was again involved in an incident which saw Shield off the track and having to fight his way back.
By focusing on the empire of Trebizond and the imperial identity created by Manuel I Grand Komnenos, Eastmond redefines what "the very idea of Byzantium" meant in the thirteenth century (5).
An earlier version of this story incorrectly suggested that Thirteenth Street Media owned the Colorado Daily, which serves Boulder and the University of Colorado.
Bonus: Flourine, the thirteenth most abundant element, is released into the environment naturally via (a.) -- and (b.) --.