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Gus's description of her, the morning after he finds the wounded dove, is particularly sad since it comes from her thirteen-year-old son who clearly craves his mother's affection: "I was glad that she had petted my dove, accepted its presence without argument.
24 (BNA): A thirteen-year-old Palestinian girl was shot dead following an alleged stabbing attempt outside an Illegal Israeli settlement to the northeast of Jerusalem, said a municipal source.
He ascended the bimah ready to chant his Torah portion and join the generations of thirteen-year-old Jewish males who had successfully negotiated this ritual passage to manhood.
The first of the two books, The Dark Inside, is said to be a haunting tale of thirteen-year-old James, who encounters a homeless man who is inflicted with a dark curse.
Thirteen-year-old Frana Ugarkovic and 14-year-olds Areej Farah and Ryan Alfalaij will feature in the championship in the first of their preparations for the fall campaign which they hope will prepare them for the ITF Zain Championships on October 15 at the Bahrain Tennis Club.
Thirteen-year-old Colin McLaren was thrilled to bits at Ricky's offer after meeting him at charity worker Les Hoey's annual Christmas Party last year.
That's the conclusion of a study of high-risk, ethnically diverse eight-to thirteen-year-old children.
Not having executed a criminal since 1996, Russia has effectively banned the practice with the November 19, 2009, vote of its constitutional court to indefinitely extend a thirteen-year-old moratorium on the death penalty.
ZAP (OTCBB: ZAAP), a company that produces electric vehicles, has retained Investor Relations Group (IRG), a thirteen-year-old corporate communications company based in New York City.
"North Korea Kidnapped My Daughter" is the heart wrenching tale of a Japanese mother who lost her thirteen-year-old daughter to Communist North Korea.
Being homeless is not something a thirteen-year-old aspires to.
Thirteen-year-old Carl Morris says his life has been changed after a revolutionary treatment helped him overcome his potentially fatal peanut allergy.